Monday, 28 March 2011

I copied off jodi and got lewis to answer questions about me because I was bored

Favourite colour? purple, easy :L correct
Favourite smell? me? :p yes, but i also like lemons
Favourite film? fight club or juno yes, and anchorman
My parent's names? mary and steve. mary farrell and steve phillips to be precise my dad's actually called nicholas, but everyone calls him steve so I'll let you off
Favourite song? dunno, cape cod? after hours? some muse song? regina spektor? citizen erased - muse
My best friend? laura or me correct
My primary school? the one across the road from you. flylingthorpe primary or smth? flyingdales? close enough, it was fylingdales
(tricky one) My first pet? hamster nope, it was Towser the dog
My ambition? a writer/journalist correct
My favourite pokemon? pikachu? nope, eevee and ninetails
My height? 5'3 or 5'4, can't remember 5'4
Eye colour? browny yellow you're nearly right
Which bones have I broken? twisted your ankle loads of times, i think you might have broke your arm or wrist? my arm and finger
My favourite food? cheesecake and lasagne cheesecake is my fave dessert, but roast dinners are my fave food
My favourite memory? i dunno, jeez, that's impossible to say... it was on new year's eve, when we were eating haagen-dasz ice cream in bed
Best gig I've ever been to? enter shikari? muse? nope, when dinosaur pile-up dedicated a song to my on my last birthday
My favourite item of clothing? your blue dress? yes, and my new letterman jacket
Which teacher did I used to fancy? he was like a maths teacher i think mr saunders, my year 10 science teacher

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