Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why I have deleted everyone.

I decided I hated facebook. I had roughly 800 'friends' on there, who would just talk shit and bore me all day. I started by just removing a few people, people that I didn't really know/hadn't met in person. That only took the total down by about 8. Then I decided to be brutal. I set a little list of pass criteria for my friends list

  1. Good friend
  2. Nice acquaintance
  3. Someone that interests me
  4. Someone I don't want to lose touch with
  5. None of the above? Delete. Especially if it was someone you once had an embarrassing crush for
And that was literally it. I am now left with 253 people who I don't mind knowing my crap, if I ever share it. If people are really that bothered about losing me as a friend, they can add me on back. I might have accidentally deleted them, in which case I'll accept. But if I don't like you, bye!

This seems a bit horrible and bitchy, but I pretty much had to force myself to do it. It was really hard and took ages :(

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