Tuesday, 1 February 2011

11. my current relationship.

My current relationship is with a weirdo called Lewis Richerd, and I've been going out with him for 3 and a half months (which is a massive achievement for me).
We first met at Leeds Festival, back in August. It was while we were waiting for Queens of the Stone Age. At that point I had just embarked on some weird disgusting fling with someone who I regret infinitely. I saw Lewis come over and it some how made me happier? Turns out the people I was with in the crowd were friends with him, and I'd seen him a couple of times in the previous evenings. I'd thought he was pretty attractive, and so I was really excited when he came to stand behind me. I ended up saying to myself, "C'mon Brigitte, don't be stupid. This is just another random guy you've met in a crowd, there's been thousands of them! Nothing will ever come of it!" but when I looked at him, and realised I actually preferred him to the person I was currently doing before I'd even spoken to him properly... well, I knew I wanted him.
So we got talking, and I thought he was really nice and funny, and when the music started I did a particularly slutty thing and made an effort to dance close to him. Although I later found out he was doing the same thing, so it's all good, isn't it?
Anyway, after that brief encounter I saw that the people I was with at QOTSA had added him on facebook, so I added him too. We gradually got talking, I ended the other guy, and I discovered that we had pretty much the same taste in... everything! He is the only person who has ever understood the reference that my hotmail (sigh) address makes. We pretty much have the same brain (except mine's prettier!). We decided to meet up a couple of times, and the dates we went on were lovely! And pretty soon we ended up making it 'facebook official'. And the rest is history!
He really is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. He's attractive, funny, nice, cool; and for some weird reason he loves me! He puts up with all the crap I give him (which is really too much), he's amazing at cheering me up, we have lots of laughs together. He's pretty damned close to perfect, and I never want to lose him.
Essay over.

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