Monday, 31 January 2011

Just some thoughts

I've been reading some blogs today, and I've realised how perfectly packaged everyone's lives seem to be. Blogging is an especially striking medium, because blogging is basically just talking about yourself. You get to see that ultimately everyone is the same. Sure, we look a little bit different, but all the blogs I read our teenage girls, talking about school or college, talking about their boyfriends or clothes or whatever. And I know I'm especially guilty of that. It's just funny when you realise, y'know? I like it, cause I'm nosy, but it means you get to see what people are really like.
One thing that really annoys me about it is blatantly attractive, popular people all going 'oh i wish i was skinny and pretty and even richer and more topshoplike than I already am'. I just feel like shouting "SHUTUP, try being me for a day, then you'll truly know what it's like to wish to be skinny and pretty and rich". Some people really don't appreciate just how lucky they are. It's a bit sad.

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