Sunday, 24 April 2011

Coming home to an empty house...

... is very weird. My mum is at work, and my sister isn't here. After spending pretty much a solid week and a half with your boyfriend, any kind of aloneness is bizarre. All there is to eat in the house is easter eggs, and I'm not sure which are mine. I've poured myself a Bailey's though, and that's making everything better.

I've had a pretty good holiday. I saw Dinosaur Pile-Up for something like the 5th time last week? I think I've officially made it to creepy stalker status. Then Lewis and I went camping in some obscure field on the outskirts of Whitby on Monday. I got very embarrassingly drunk, and there's someone who isn't exactly in my good books right now. I got over it though. Then we double-dated with Laura and Gage on Thursday (cuties!) before we went back to his. Since then I've just been catching rays, trampolining and playing Pokemon with my man. Haven't done any semblance of college work though. Oh well! Screw it.

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