Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Skinny Love

The thing I probably desire most in life is to be slim. I've been overweight since I was about 11 (and before you deny it, I actually am. My bmi is appaling). I always used to worry that it would make me unattractive, and that boys wouldn't like me. Even now I have Lewis, I'm a lot more insecure. I always worry I'll look disgusting naked, or that I'll look really fat next to him, and even the fact he can't pick me up even though he's way taller than me. It's really depressing. But the worst part of it is that I have virtually no drive to get thinner. I end up crying about it and then filling my face with jaffa cakes. I'm too lazy/unfit to exercise too. All a bit of a dilemma really...

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